7th Grade English                                                                      Community “Life Schedule”

The Giver, by Lois Lowry




Live with other newchildren in the Nurturing Center

Comfort object given


1      Naming & Placement

        Given to chosen parents




3      Instructed in correct language

        Dream-telling begins


4      Jacket fastens on the back (to encourage cooperation)






7      Begin wearing front-button jacket


8      Smaller buttons on jacket, get pockets

        Comfort object taken away

        Start volunteer hours


9      Receive bicycle

        Girls lose hair ribbons


10    Boys get their hair cut; girls lose their braids


11    Boys get longer trousers; girls receive new undergarments

        Issued calculators for school

        Complete all volunteer hours

                                                                                                            Stirrings begin;

12    Receive Assignments                                                                     start taking pills

        Begin adulthood

        Start training, as school continues


Full Adulthood  Apply for Spouse/Matching of Spouses

                                    Apply for Child (1 or 2)


Childless Adult Go to live with Childless Adults


Old Age                       Go to live in the House of the Old