Class 8 English

The Giver

Chapters 9-12 Review


Answer on lined A-4 paper.Number the questions as they are numbered here.


Did you read?

1. Which of Jonasí rules DO disturb him?Which ones do NOT disturb him?

2. How is the Receiverís house different from other houses in the Community?

3. What is the actual process for transmitting memories?What is the first memory Jonas receives?

4. Jonas receives 3 memories in Chapter 11.List everything in those 3 memories that he has never seen or experienced before because they no longer exist in the community.

5. So what really happened to the apple that day with Asher?What is starting to happen to Jonas?


Think about what you have read.

Each answer should be at least 5-6 sentences!Good, thoughtful paragraphs!

1. Agree or disagree, and say why: People should learn history, and learn about the past.

2. Agree or disagree, and say why: It is possible to have a world where everyone is equal, but everyone is not the same.

3. Agree or disagree, and say why: A world without any pain would be a bad thing.