The Giver Crossword

Use your book!





2.       This is the label on a special door at the House of the Old.

3.       At night, after their Ceremony, the license plates on the bikes of the Twelves were changed to ones that indicated this.

4.       This person's bed is draped with a splendid cloth embroidered over its entire surface with intricate designs.

7.       The last word in the novel.

10.    This is Rule #8 on Jonas's list of rules.

12.    Jonas and The Giver are both this.

13.    This character is now mature enough to keep track of her own small belongings.

16.    He has intelligence, integrity, courage, and wisdom.

17.    This is Jonas's special gift.

18.    Engineer, Doctor, Birthmother, Laborer.

19.    "He wept because he was afraid now that he could not save -----."

20.    This person was an instructor of Elevens, was on the Planning Committee, raised two children, and did the landscaping design for the Central Plaza.




1.       Where Jonas's mother works

5.       "Who were those old people?" "They were called -------."

6.       It's against the rules to use your friend's -------.

8.       This is who decides things in the Community.

9.       Jonas's father's title

11.    Asher got a "smack" from one of these, and they use them on the Old, too.

14.    This person said "we live intertwined on this planet" and "our future depends upon our caring more, and doing more, for one another."

15.    "It was almost ------, and Jonas was beginning to be frightened."