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Joel Tallman, 9 July 2003

Need a topic for your research project?
Ideas are busting out all over!
The TallMania Research Project Topic Idea Generator!

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Web Resources
Your subject will determine your web resources, but maybe some of these can help:

  • Try the trusty TallMania Web Directory.
  • Looking for a biographical dictionary, a thesaurus, a map, the CIA Fact Book, a telephone book, or translator on the Web? Look no further. The Research It! page has all of those things, and more.
  • You knew someone would have to invent Research They don't sell those pre-written papers! For one, they also have an Idea Directory. It's not as idea-stimulating as the TallMania Idea Generator, if I do say so myself, but give it a try. (I suggest browsing by category, rather typing in a key word...but try both.) They also have tips and instructions for papers.
  • Still looking for an idea? Try this list of speech topics. You may not find exactly what you want, but it will get your mind working.
  • The Internet Public Library has some tips for you, too.

Another secret link!

  • How do I cite things from the WWW? That's not in my Write Source 2000 book. It's here at the Modern Language Association, the king, queen, god, and master of such matters. (This page is complicated, but scroll down to the examples.)

  • The following sites all present MLA bibliographic format. Try them and see which one is clearest and best for you:

  • 33 different kinds of sources and how to cite them are plainly listed here, at a site run by I. Lee.
  • Formats clearly given, followed by examples, here presented by the Honolulu Community College Library.
  • Try this color coded version. It might make visual sense. From the B. Davis Shwartz Memorial Library of Long Island University.
  • Another list, this one from the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL).
  • Okay, if you REALLY get stuck, try (Easy Bibliography, get it?): You put in the information, and it writes the bibliography entry for you! Beware, though--it still might get a little complicated.

Still searching? I recommend Google. You can do a search right now:
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