[NOTE: This paper does NOT go in your research packet.]


Grade 8 English                                                                                       Name:_______________________

Research Project

Oral Presentation                                                                                                             Class:___________




You will present to the class some of the interesting things you discovered about your research topic, and present those things in an interesting way.




Why are we doing this?

To share all the interesting information and ideas you’ve come up with as a class for the last 4-5 weeks, and to enjoy doing so.


Can I work with a partner?

Yes…with three important points to consider:  1) You have to find a way to relate your topics to each other.  That will require creative thought in some cases.  2) Your presentation will be longer (see the next question).  3) You will not have very much class time to work together.  You will have to arrange most of your presentation together outside of class.


How long will the presentation be?

Each individual’s presentation must last at least four minutes, and not longer than six minutes.  So, if you are working with a partner, your total presentation must last at least eight minutes, and not more than twelve.


Can I use visual aids?

Yes, in fact, you are required to use at least one visual aid.  This can be a picture you show us, a graph, an overhead, a video clip.  If you are going to need an overhead projector, a video player, or if you will be using PowerPoint, please let me know THIS WEEK so I can arrange it.


Can I just show a video for 4-6 minutes?

No.  If you show a video or play a tape, it can be only ONE minute of your presentation.  Choose the best minute.  The rest of the presentation should be you.


But I just have a bunch of boring facts.  What if my presentation is boring?

Much of your grade is for creativity and interest.  The more creative, the better.  Expand your mind!  Some possible ideas…


write a short skit or play                                    create a game show

tell jokes                                                           do a class survey before the presentation day

involve the audience                                          invent a game for us to play related to your topic

do a debate                                                      in short, be creative in your approach


BUT…remember, you are also sharing information.  We should learn some things you have learned.


What will I be graded on?

Your creative approach…40%  (This does not entirely depend on its success, but it would help.)

Interest of information…40%  (Make sure you are telling us things you learned about your topic.)

Voice & eye contact…20%  (Try to be confident, loud and clear enough, and look at us.)


Have Fun!