Welcome to Class 8 English!




This year, we will use reading, writing, speaking, and listening to introduce ourselves to each other and to various ideas and pieces of literature.  Your grade will be determined by your work and participation in each of those categories.  You will be given copies of the grading criteria so that you can see and understand how your grades are given.


Here’s some important information to help you get organized for our class:


ó    Your list of supplies necessary for this class is on the back of this paper.


ó    Please keep your notebook and journal neat and organized.


ó    Please make sure that all of your homework assignments are completed on time.  Late work always is only worth half credit, except with a note from your parents.


ó    Try to be in class every day, on time.  If you are absent, please be certain to get all missed assignments.  This is your responsibility.


ó    Check www.tallmania.com for extra copies of handouts and extra resources to supplement the class.


And a couple of important CLASS RULES I’ve found make things run more smoothly:


1.     In class, please don’t speak out of your turn.  Wait, listen, and then raise your hand to contribute to the discussion so everyone can hear what you say.


2.     Please do not get out of your seat without permission.





Our Course:

Our main theme for the year is:  “COMMUNITY: Living Together—Social Ideal and Common Cause”


Texts you will buy:       1) Write Source 2000 (unless you have a copy from last year)

                                    2) The Giver, by Lois Lowry

                                    3) The Diary of Anne Frank (play version), by F. Goodrich & A. Hackett


[NOTE: You won’t buy these in a store. We’ll get them out the school book room, and your parents will be billed for them.]



Main Readings:

The Diary of Anne Frank, by F. Goodrich & A. Hackett (play)

The Giver, by Lois Lowry (novel)

Friedrich, by Hans Richter (novel)

Two Old Women, by Velma Wallis (short novel)

Reading Workshop: Your own reading choices (fiction and non-fiction)



Writing Assignments:                                                              Speaking & Listening Activities

Journal assignments                                                                  Participation (in class and group discussions)

Writing Workshop:                                                                  Oral Presentations & Speeches

Research Project/Research Paper


Have a good year!