R Final Checklist

Is your research project ready to hand in?




I have used at least FOUR different types of sources…

            ¨ at least one printed encyclopedia

            ¨ at least one book

            ¨ at least one internet source

            ¨ at least one other source (a newspaper/magazine article, a CD-ROM, etc.)


And I gave credit…

¨ to every source when I used its information in my paper.  I cited.

(If you have NO citations in your paper, you did NOT do this.)




My introductory paragraph(s)

            ¨ starts with a real “grabber” of a sentence to hook the reader

            ¨ leads to a THEME/MAIN IDEA that I followed in writing my paper


The rest of my paper

            ¨ follows logically and supports the THEME I started with in my introduction

            ¨ makes sense, is interesting, and informs the reader

            ¨ contains MY thoughts/ideas, using my research (NOT just a re-statement of sources)

            ¨ is NOT a LIST of information and facts, but contains writing and ideas

            ¨ never, ever copies the words of a source without using quotation marks

            ¨ always gives credit to the sources I used when I used their information or words

            ¨ has been checked and re-checked for spelling, grammar, and mechanical mistakes




My cover has…

            ¨ the title of my report, without underlining or quotation marks

            ¨ my own name

            ¨ an illustration that is appropriate and looks good, not gaudy

            ¨ my class

            ¨ my teacher’s name

            ¨ the date (the date the project is handed in)

My contents page has…

            ¨ the word Contents centered at the top of the page

            ¨ all the sections given, and the pages they appear on

            ¨ everything neatly justified on both sides of the page

My report pages have…

¨ margins of approximately 1 inch or 3 centimeters on each page

¨ double-spacing, which is one empty line between every two lines of text

¨ sections headed in bold type, capitalized correctly, but NO Word Art

¨ correct page numbers

¨ used correct citation form, as in Topic 280 and sample essay Topic 284 of Write Source 2000

My appendix page* has…  (*optional—an appendix is NOT required)

            ¨ the word Appendix centered at the top of the page

            ¨ credit to the source(s) of the information

My bibliography page has…

            ¨ the word Bibliography or Works Cited centered at the top of the page

            ¨ all sources listed in ALPHABETICAL order by first word in the entry

            ¨ all information listed EXACTLY as in the sample format given in class

            ¨ all the sources I used in researching my subject

            ¨ all information accurate and correct, in case Mr. Tallman checks the sources




My Research Packet:


On the Very Top:


¨ THIS PAPER, with the things done checked off



Then, in order…


¨ First Brainstorming (lists of favorite people, places, etc.)



Class Photocopies:


¨ Research Project Information Sheet (has the calendar and requirements) (A4 page, 2 sides)

¨ Research Topics list of topics to choose from (Class 7 and Class 8 choices)

¨ Topic choice form (told me your topic and listed synonyms) (horizontal half page)

¨ Sample Bibliography (A4 page, 2 sides)

¨ Sources Consulted Chart (does not have to be filled in, but it might be)

¨ Research Project Planning Page where you put your theme, wrote an intro, and outlined (A4 page)

¨ Typing Tips page with the typing requirements (A4 page)



Your Research:


¨ One or more printouts from the internet, with highlighting, underlining, notes

¨ One or more photocopies of book and/or encyclopedia pages, with highlighting, underlining, notes

¨ One or more pages of notes from sources, notes taken in the library and/or the classroom



Your Writing:


¨ First draft(s) of paragraphs and sections of your report (handwritten)

¨ First draft(s) of paragraphs and sections of your report (printouts)*   (*optional)

¨ First draft(s) of bibliography (handwritten)



Other Items:


¨ ______________________________________________________________________________


¨ ______________________________________________________________________________


¨ ______________________________________________________________________________


¨ ______________________________________________________________________________


¨ ______________________________________________________________________________