You're in luck! Not only are you living in Geneva, one of the world's most international cities, but you are also attending the International School of Geneva, where you are given plenty of opportunities to get your hands on some books.

1. The LGB Middle School Library
Never underestimate our fine library. Plus, you're a co-owner, and can help to choose more books to be purchased. You'll find an excellent selection of books (and videotapes and CD-ROMS and audio tapes...), all computer cataloged with the new, easy-to-use interface. So what are you waiting for? Get to the library and type in a few search terms, or better yet--browse the shelves. Mrs. Billington, our librarian, not only has produced several lists of recommended readings (for different grade levels, as well as for boys and for girls), she also loves the question "Can you recommend a good book?" Plus, she is extremely willing to order a book you'd like to see, but can't find. You can send her an e-mail at marie-claire.billington@ecolint.ch.

2. The PTA Wednesday Used Book Sale
So you say you want books of your own, to take home and keep forever? What's the best, cheapest, and most convenient place to buy books in all of Geneva? Right under your nose. Or at least, under the Chateau, that building by the outer parking lot, in front of the primary school. Down that little staircase on the left of the building, every Wednesday between 11:30 and 1:30, you'll find a little used bookshop, filled with books donated by parents and students. What will you find? For young adults, Judy Blume, R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, Carolyn Cooney, and on and on. Plus, books for adult readers, too. And young adult books are one franc each! It's like stealing! And if you or your parents have some books you've read and would like to find new homes, consider donating them to the book sale to keep it going.

3. The American Library
Maybe you've already discovered this little oasis on the edge of the neighborhood of Paquis. If you haven't, you'll be glad you did. It's located at 3, rue de Monthoux, which is right near the Hilton Hotel. It's housed on the ground floor of the fine-looking church you'll find at that address. This is a great resource for English language books for school projects (try the school library first!), besides being a nice place to browse. I've known some LGB students who go there just to work quietly, because it's such a peaceful place, and they won't kick you out until closing time. They are closed on Mondays, but open until 5:00 p.m. on other weekdays (later on Wednesdays, until seven), and Saturdays and Sundays, as well. Their telephone number is (022) 732-8097. They're also on the Internet at www.amlib.ch. Students get a discount on membership! (MAP)

4. Elm Books & Media
Where does the English-speaking community in Geneva go to find books and videos in English? Elm is where. They have an excellent selection of new books, and the prices aren't incredibly high just for the privilege. Plus, they'll order nearly anything you want.

5. Off The Shelf
Helen Stubbs writes: "We see from the web that you have a site with a page on 'Where to find books in Geneva'. The people who consult that page will no doubt be interested to read about our English bookshop called OffTheShelf. We're in the centre of Geneva and have a website that's updated all the time (www.offtheshelf.ch). We have all kinds of English and American books including schoolbooks, and anyone can order via the website by filling in the order form. So if you would like to add our bookshop to your list of places, here are our details: OffTheShelf 15 bvd Georges Favon, 1204 Geneva tel (022) 311 1090 fax (022) 311 1902 books@offtheshelf.ch www.offtheshelf.ch"

6. The Bookworm
Tucked away on little Rue Sismondi in Paquis, just around the corner from the American library, is this treasure chest of used books in English. The selection of books for adults, as well as genres like mystery and science fiction, is always changing. The selection of specifically young adult books is disappointingly small, and can't match our own PTA Wednesday sale for selection or price; however, the browsing is always good. (MAP)

7. The Local Chains
Although you won't find a Barnes & Noble Superstore in Geneva, don't overlook the English sections of some of the big chain stores here. In particular, I recommend browsing downstairs in the large Payot store across the bridge where Rue du Mont Blanc meets Rue de Chantepoulet, across from the big post office. (MAP)

Also, the fnac store near the Rive tram stop has a fairly good choice of English books. Beware, however: These stores charge a markup for new English books, and Elm usually has the better price, so check them out first.

8. School Book Sales
The Middle School runs a couple of book catalog "clubs" to order from several times a year, as well as hosting a New Book Sale in Carter Hall each fall, and a Used Book Sale in front of the library each spring. Be listening in homeroom and watch out for posters on the walls for these special events.

9. Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk
It may seem like I overly plug these guys, but that's because I believe they are the best, most convenient, friendliest, and most efficient ways to buy books over the Internet. Amazon.com (in the US) sometimes has American books Amazon.co.uk (in England) does not; but it also sometimes works the other way around for British titles. I always try the UK site first, because ordering from the UK version gets your books here the fastest.

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