Mr. Tallman's
English Supplies Shopping List
Students in my English classes need to have the following supplies:

New to Geneva?
There are lots of places to buy school supplies in and around Geneva.

In the city itself, I recommend the big Manor store in the area called Placette.

Most of the local stationery chains (such as Wolfe Papeterie) I find understocked and overpriced. I like the M-Office store in the big M-Parc in Carouge (MAP), and other locations, though. Cheap supplies, but not as big a selection, can be found at the EPA discount store, rue de la Croix-d-Or (MAP), the closest thing Geneva has to a K-Mart. If you haven't been spending enough money lately, you can try the fancy stationery and paper goods at Brachard. (MAP)

What NOT to buy:
White-Out, Tipp-Ex, Liquid Paper, or any other kind of correction fluid. Room 1 is a NO WHITE-OUT ZONE. I can't look inside your head to see if you're learning, but you can show me by letting me see your mistakes. Repeat after me: When I'm working in class, crossing out is GOOD.